Trust Exercise by Susan Choi.

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Love story for a dream worker of their first love. charmingly will take's your mind it to different kind of imagination. 

Trust Exercise  

by Susan Choi.

Trust Exercise shares several preoccupations with Choi's last novel, My Education (2013). Once again, she hovers over the murky line between adolescence and adulthood; the intensity, drama, anguish, and obsessional nature of first love; and the dynamics of student-teacher relationships, both formative and deformative.

Both books are campus novels. My Education is set in graduate school, while Trust Exercise focuses on a group of 15- and 16-year-olds who attend an elite high school for the performing arts in a small, unnamed southern city in the early 1980s. These teens are having sex and driving cars, but their emotional maturity lags well behind their physical development.